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TERRA: A meditative

playful pavilion

Kolding - Denmark

Design: Amr Hagagi

Visualizations: Converter Studio, Ferminnan

If learning is an essential part of playing, and playing is an essential part of dreaming,

why is dreaming often limited by our learning? We may ask ourselves what our dreams are, but do we take

the time to reflect on why we dream, and why they’re only dreams and not our reality.

TERRA invites you to dream. It gives you a moment to breathe, to take a break, and to switch of expectations and

tunnel vision, to reflect on your own happiness. 

Allow yourself a moment to process your past, reflect on your present, and acknowledge your dreams for the future. 

TERRA is a space to meditate and pause habitual repetition, planting seeds of dreams for the future,

and letting go of obstacles holding you back. 

It's a space to revisit either in your mind or in presence to remind

yourself to nurture your dreams and not hold yourself back. 
Be present and play with your dreams.

Amid the forest, a shelter whispers.  A modest structure, with a tactile skin twinkling under sunshine.

Playfully meditative...evoking a feeling of spirituality.

A desire to enter competes with a wish to stay gazing all day long. Entering wins.

One approaches the threshold with anticipation. Like a passage into another dimension, the narrow dark corridor arouses a sense of mystery. Pools of glimmering light are the only guides.


What is awaiting ahead? A discovery unfolds...

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